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PLA material introduction
08 August 2022

PLA is called polylactic acid,Known as corn plastic,it's a biodegradable eco-friendly material.With great properties like excellent impact strength、wearproof、wide temperature range、good dimensional stability、great electrical insulation、non toxic etc,suitable for general equipment processing.Feature:

What is PLA material ?
13 August 2022

Polylactic acid, also known as PLA, is a thermoplastic monomer made from organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. Using biodegradable resources makes PLA production different from most plastics, with great properties and eco-friendly speciality.As 3rd generation of plastic material, PLA ca

Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,ltd. is an innovator and is dedicated to developing high performance Polymer Materials.Including Nylon/Polyamide,Biodegradable material,  Engineering Plastics etc.

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