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OrinBio is biodegradable polymer materials from starch,which be widely used in industrial and domestic products to replace non eco-friendly plastic.

OrinBio® PLA

OrinBio PLA is divided to high heat resistance PLA, standard PLA and low heat resistance PLA, which are suitable for different processing and molding.

OrinBio modified PLA

OrinBio modified PLA includes four series to meet the application needs of various scenarios.


OK compost HOME. OrinBio M1000 is made by blending and modifying biomaterials, which has the properties of weather resistance and heat sealing strength of film and bag.


Compostable,Orinbio M2000 is made of biodegradable material and biomaterial blended and modified, which has the properties of tensile strength and stiffness of film and bag.


Compostable, Orinbio M5000 is made of biodegradable materials, biomaterials and inorganic minerals blended and modified, which has the properties of high tensile strength, high stiffness and high load bearing of film and bag.


Compostable, Orinbio H8000 is made of biodegradable materials and biomaterials blended and mdified,which has the properties of high flexural modulus, high heat resistance, high toughness, and wide MFR.
Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,ltd. is an innovator and is dedicated to developing high performance Polymer Materials.Including Biodegradable material, Polylactic Acid etc.

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