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100% Polylactic Acid, Make a Dust Coat

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100% Polylactic Acid, Make a Dust Coat

In recent years, the word "sustainable" has become almost a key word in the development strategy of every brand. Luxury brands such as Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen began to practice the concept of "Fur-Free"; Or JiyongKim, the new designer brand we spoke with that uses sunlight to "dye," all of which are trying their best to be "sustainable."

From the synthesis of chemical fibers to garment dyeing, leather tanning and other processing steps, there are serious environmental problems, making clothing the world's second most polluting industry. As a result, brands are starting to make changes in production, design and so on. Gen Z has also thrown off the shackles of electronic devices and embraced outdoor activities such as camping and frisbee, as well as environmental protection. Sustainability has become one of the most important aspects of daily life.

Friends who are keen on trends may have found that, like Xiaobian, not only the major fashion and fashion brands, but also our domestic brands are deeply involved in "sustainable development" in all aspects. One of the most impressive brands is XTEP. The main reason is that Xstep uses "polylactic acid (PLA)" to make clothes, and then solves environmental problems from the root, which makes Xiaobian feel bright at the moment, and sees the sustainable concept of "treating symptoms and root causes".

Now Xstep has released "100% polylactic acid trench coat", which undoubtedly demonstrates the word "sustainable" to the full, from production to recycling, achieving a nearly perfect closed-loop of "from the land to the land". And you should know that it only took Xstep three years to go from its first PLA product to its landmark 100% PLA trench coat. In addition, XTEP also optimized the dyeing problems mentioned above by low temperature dyeing technology.

To sum up, XTEP has proved its original concept of sustainable development through practical actions. Sustainability is a big responsibility of enterprises. From the corporate level, XTEP adheres to its own sustainable strategy. At the same time, environmental protection is a small habit of everyone. Whether invited people to practical action to practice green lifestyle "run", or physically put environmental protection into their daily life behavior, xtep are performed with the theme of "symbiosis, all things follow to build the future", at the same time, in the field of agriculture sustainable called on young people to join the ranks of the "sustainable living" together.

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