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Long carbon chain nylon
14 August 2023

Long-chain nylon generally refers to nylon with a methylene length of more than 10 in the segment chain. In addition to common nylon characteristics, it also has the characteristics of good toughness and flexibility, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, and excellent dielectric properti

PLA material introduction
08 August 2022

PLA is called polylactic acid,Known as corn plastic,it's a biodegradable eco-friendly material.With great properties like excellent impact strength、wearproof、wide temperature range、good dimensional stability、great electrical insulation、non toxic etc,suitable for general equipment processing.Feature:

3D printing technology
08 August 2022

Explaination:3D printing(3DP) is one of the rapid prototyping technology,also called additive manufacturing.It’s a technology based on digital model documents,construct objects printed layer by layer with adhesive material like powder shape metal or plastic.

Microplastic Particles Create 'Sword of Damocles'
09 September 2022

Plastic snow in the Arctic, plastic rain in the United States, the global average intake of about 2,000 microplastic particles per week, high levels of microplastic in babies' faeces, microplastic particles found in human placentas... In recent years, scientific research on "microplastic part

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