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Beijing: A total of 5388 ares of biodegradable plastic film will be demonstrated in 2022

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Beijing: A total of 5388 ares of biodegradable plastic film will be demonstrated in 2022

In order to strengthen the technical support for the prevention and control of plastic film pollution in Beijing, the Beijing Agricultural Technology Promotion Station organized an online observation and discussion activity on November 29, and actively made the demonstration application of the fully biodegradable plastic film in the project of "green degradable plastic film special materials and products creation and industrialization" in Beijing. Leaders from the national Agricultural extension Center, experts from relevant scientific research institutions, and technical personnel from the agricultural extension system participated in the discussion.

Participants observed three demonstration bases in Changping District and Miyun District online to understand the application effects of different types and thicknesses of biodegradable plastic film on strawberry, tomato, eggplant, cucumber and other crops. Beijing Agricultural Technology Promotion Station introduced the overall situation of the city. In 2022, Beijing will demonstrate the application of 5388 mu per mu, covering 23 crops in 112 points of 13 agricultural areas, and initially form a comprehensive evaluation of "five properties and one complete set".

Totally biodegradable plastic film is a new type of plastic film that can be degraded by microorganisms in nature and will not cause soil pollution. It is mainly used in ground cover to increase soil temperature, retain soil moisture, maintain soil structure, prevent pests from invading crops and diseases caused by certain microorganisms, thereby promoting plant growth. Biodegradable plastic film is environmentally friendly, easy to use and recycle, and is an important technical approach to prevent and control residual pollution of plastic film.

The leaders and experts at the meeting spoke highly of the demonstration application of biodegradable plastic film in Beijing, and put forward suggestions on strengthening the selection of suitable products, comprehensive application evaluation, collaborative waste treatment, and tracking and monitoring of environmental impact in the future work.

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