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3D printing technology

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3D printing technology


3D printing(3DP) is one of the rapid prototyping technology,also called additive manufacturing.It's a technology based on digital model documents,construct objects printed layer by layer with adhesive material like powder shape metal or plastic.

3D printing technology started at middle of 90s last century,it's actually the latest rapid prototyping device using light curing and paper lamination technology.It's similar to regular printer working principle,The printer is loaded with printing materials, such as liquid or powder. After linked to computer, controls the printing materials to stacking themself one by one through computer,and finally turn the blueprint into a real object. And this technology is called 3D stereo printing technology.


3D printing is usually achieved by digital technology material printer.It was used to make models in mold producing and industrial design industry,then it was used for make some products directly,and there's parts made by this technology already.This technology has also applied in jewelry、shoes、

industry design、architecture、egineering and AEC 、car industry、aerospace、dental and medical industry、education、geographic information systems, civil engineering, guns and many other industries.

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