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1 KG Bio 3d Filaments

1 KG Bio 3d Filaments Pla

1.3kg/roll pla silk filament

1.75mm 1kg filament

1.75mm 1kg pla translucent filament

1.75mm 3mm pla glow in dark

1.75mm pla translucent filament

100 compostible resin

100% Biodegradable

100% Biodegradable Compostable

100% Biodegradable Compostable material

100% Biodegradable Compostable Polylactic Acid

100% Biodegradable Grade

100% Biodegradable Granules

100% Biodegradable material

100% Biodegradable material for agriculture

100% Biodegradable material for Blow Molding

100% Biodegradable material H8000

100% Biodegradable Material PLA

100% biodegradable materials

100% biodegradable pellets

100% biodegradable pellets with straw

100% biodegradable PLA

100% Biodegradable PLA Customized

100% Biodegradable PLA for injection molding

100% Biodegradable PLA for plastic products

100% Biodegradable PLA granules

100% Biodegradable Pla Pellets

100% biodegradable pla pellets for plastic film

100% biodegradable PLA resin for plastic film

100% Biodegradablele

100% Compostable Raw Resin

100% Compostable Resin

100% Compostable Resin price

100% compostible resin

100% eco-friendly Biodegradable material

100% Eco-friendly Material

100% PLA Customized

100% PLA for plastic products

100% PLA granules for injection molding

100% Pure PLA 3D Printing

100% Virgin Material

1000kg per jumbo bag

1kg 1.75mm pla filament 3d

1kg 1.75mm silk

1kg 1.75mm silk rainbow pla

1kg 1.75mm silk rainbow pla filament

1kg pla translucent filament

2022 3D printed filaments PBAT PLA

2022 3D printed filaments PLA

2022 Multi-color 3D printed filaments

25 Kgs/bag


25kgs /bag

35 gf

3D filament 1.75mm

3D Filament Factory Price

3d Filament Material

3d Filament Material Factory

3D filament pellet

3D filament pellets

3d filament pla glow in dark

3d Filament Raw Material

3d Filament Raw Material Pla Granule

3d Filaments Pla

3d pla rainbow filament

3D printed filaments PBAT PLA

3D printer filament

3D printer filament 1.75mm

3d printer filament 1.75mm 3mm

3D Printer Filament 3.00mm

3d printer filament 3mm

3d printer tpu filament

3d printer translucent filament

3D Printing 100% Pure PLA

3d Printing Filament pellets

3d Printing Filament PLA Pellets

3D printing material

3D printing pellets

3d translucent filament

66 resin

750 kg per jumbo bag

76% polyamide / 24% elastane

78 polyamide 22 elastane

80 polyamide 20 elastane

90 polyamide 10 elastane

92% polyamide

a66 gf35 polyamide material

Abrasive wire

absorbable pellets Polylactic acid

Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,ltd. is an innovator and is dedicated to developing high performance Polymer Materials.Including Nylon/Polyamide,Biodegradable material,  Engineering Plastics etc.

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