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Properties Of PLA Material

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Properties Of PLA Material

Properties Of PLA Material

 As new material in printing industry,many people don't have a fully understanding about it,here is properties introduction:

 PLA is soluble in solvents including dioxane, hot benzene, and tetrahydrofuran. The physical and mechanical properties differ according to the exact type of polymer, ranging from an amorphous glassy polymer to a semi or highly crystalline polymer with a glass transition of 60–65 °C, a melting temperature 130-180 °C, and a tensile modulus of 2.7–16 GPa.

  Heat resistant PLA can withstand temperatures of 110 °C, and the melting temperature can be increased by 40–50 °C and the heat deflection temperature can be increased from around 60 °C to as much as 190 °C by physically blending the polymer with PDLA (poly-D-lactide).

Annealing, adding nucleating agents or forming composites with other materials can all change the mechanical properties of PLA. However, the basic mechanical properties of PLA range between those of polystyrene and PET, with similar properties to PET but a lower maximum continuous use temperature.  

  The high surface energy of PLA makes it ideal for 3D printing. PLA can also be solvent welded using dichloromethane, while acetone softens the surface of the material, making it sticky without dissolving it so it can be welded to another PLA surface. Ethylacetate can be used as an organic solvent, dissolving PLA and making it a good solution for removing PLA printing supports or cleaning 3D printing extruder heads. Propylene carbonate and pyridine can also be used as a solvent, but are less favourable than ethylacetate and propylene carbonate, being less safe in the first instance and emitting a distinct bad fish odour in the second.

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