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Orinkoplastic Calls "New Trend, New Future"

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Orinkoplastic Calls "New Trend, New Future"


    “You can wear T-shirts on North Pole now”, reported by a survey recently.  With the rapid development in the world, changes, COVID-19, and global economic and technological transformation have combined to profoundly change the new landscape of global competition and development, and the international balance power continues to evolve. In addressing climate change, countries face a series of common difficulties and challenges in the process of accelerating low-carbon transition. Working together to safeguard the Earth has become a "new consensus" in international cooperation.

      Orinkoplastic announce that will help the world develop green, low carbon and high quality, which provides a direction for the international cooperation of fully biodegradable materials. The series of M1000, M2000, M5000, H8000 are much popular among the native China and the world. To enrich the products types of all biodegradable materials, Orinkoplastic pay much more in Research & Devevlopment for modified PLA materials to cater to the market. And welcome any friend to make business relationship.

      With the continuous promotion of the all-biodegradable materials project of Orinkoplastic, the enterprise will further optimize the industrial structure, continuously release the efficiency of all-biodegradable materials, help the enterprise to continuously improve its profitability, and make contributions to the cause of global ecological protection and sustainable development.


Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,ltd. is an innovator and is dedicated to developing high performance Polymer Materials.Including Biodegradable material, Polylactic Acid etc.

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