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ORINKO Pa6 Pa66 Material Polyamide Resin Polyamide 612 Polyamide Resin Manufacturers

Orinko has a variety of products such as Special PA and TPE, which have been widely used in automobiles, household appliances, electronic appliances, rail transit, industry, special cables and so on. We are committed to providing customers with integrated resin synthesis solutions for special materials, and continue to create unique value.
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ORINKO polyamide 612 PA6 PA66 PA610 nylon PA raw material polyamide resin pa6

PA6/ nylon 6, is a translucent or opaque milky white particle, with thermoplastic, light weight, good toughness, chemical resistance and durability characteristics, generally used in auto parts, mechanical parts, electronic and electrical products, engineering accessories and other products. 

Chemical and physical properties:  

The chemical and physical properties of PA6 are similar to those of PA66; however, it has a lower melting point and a wide process temperature range.  Its impact resistance and solubility are better than PA66, but it is also more hygroscopic.  

Since many quality characteristics of plastic parts are affected by hygroscopicity, this should be fully taken into account when designing products using PA6.  In order to improve the mechanical properties of PA6, a variety of modifiers are often added.

Application Area:

It can be widely used in the automotive industry, machinery manufacturing(oil containers, textile machinery parts), and in the electronic industry for making battrey casings, instrument rails, etc. It can also be used as bristles of toothbrushes, monofilaments and cable corerings, etc. It can be customized in injection and extrusion grade according to customers requirements.


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Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,ltd. is an innovator and is dedicated to developing high performance Polymer Materials.Including Nylon/Polyamide,Biodegradable material,  Engineering Plastics etc.

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