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China Factory Tpu Filament 3d Printer 1kg 175mm

PLA will melt when heated to a certain temperature, and then re-solidify when the temperature drops. The 3D printing molding of PLA also takes advantage of its melting and cooling molding characteristics.
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[Description] 3d Pla Rainbow Filament 1kg 1.75mm Silk Rainbow Pla Filament 3d Printer Filament

[Main Features]

1.100% environmentally-friendly raw material from ORINKO in china

2. all the 3D filament could keep the real and stable tolerance in ±0.02mm,ensure the great printing effect

3. Good liquidity, print with low shrinkage and good performance.

4. Strong toughness, not easy to break.

Product Specification
- 1.75mm
- 2.85mm
packing Specification
- 1kg/ roll, 10 rolls/box
- 3kg/ reel, 4 reels/case
Better Printing Temperature:
On the basis of basically maintaining the original PLA performance, the toughness of the material is greatly improved, and the lines are not easy to break; Printing smoothly, no warping crack and other problems.




biodegradable 175mm filament pla nature color filament pla 1.3kg/roll pla silk filament

25kg/bag,or 750 kg per jumbo bag,or 1002kg per jumbo bag.

Port:shanghai / guangzhou / lianyungang


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1. Q: Is the material going out smoothly when printing ? Will it be tangled ?

A: the material is made with fully automated equipment,and the machine automatically winds the wire. generally, there will be no winding problems.

2. Q: Are there bubbles in the material ?

A: our material will be baked before production to prevent the formation of bubbles .

3. Q: what is the wire diameters and how many colors are there ?

A: the wire diameter is 1.75mm and 3mm , there are 15 colors , and also can do customize color you want if there are big order .

4. Q: how to pack the materials during transportation ?

A: we will vacuum process the materials to place the consumables to be damp, and then put them in the carton box to protection damage during transportation 

5.Q: How about the quality of the raw material ? 

A: we use high quality raw materials for processing and production,we not use recycled material, nozzle materials and secondary processing material ,and the quality is guaranteed . 

6. Q: Can you send products to my country ? 

A: yes, we do business in every corner of the world , please contact us for detailed delivery charges


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