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Applications of PLA material

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Applications of PLA material

Applications of pla material

  PLA has a number of common uses, including for medical and food purposes. It is also widely used as a 3D printing feedstock for desktop fused filament fabrication 3D printers. PLA is popular for 3D printing as it can easily be sanded, painted or post processed. A user friendly material, this plastic works with low extrusion temperatures and there is no need for a heated bed, printer chamber or reinforced nozzle. Another benefit is that PLA behaves better than many tougher plastics and also doesn’t release fumes or bad odours. Storage is easy and it can be produced in a variety of colours and as the base for a range of composites with additional properties (see above).

  Because PLA can degrade into lactic acid, it can be used for medical implants such as anchors, screws, plates, pins, rods or as a mesh. It breaks down in between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the exact type of material used. This means that these products can gradually transfer a load from a PLA support structure to the body as it heals.

  PLA, created with injection moulding, casting or by being spun, is also used as a decomposable packaging material, film or for cups and bags. It is used for compost bags, food packaging, disposable tableware, and loose fill packaging. As a fibre or nonwoven fabric, PLA is used for upholstery, disposable clothing, feminine hygiene products and nappies.

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