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Pure PLA is synthesized from L-lactic acid produced by starch fermentation and then by chemical polymerization. Therefore, it is a polymer material between microbial production class and chemical synthesis class.​​​​​​​
Pure PLA ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Modified PLA is a reprocessing process of pure PLA. By adding PBAT, starch, calcium powder and other additives, the related properties and finger dissolution of pure PLA are changed to suit more application scenarios.​​​​​​​
Modified PLA​​​​​​​
Pure PLA Category
  • OrinBio HT100 Series
    Modifiable,Extrusion Molding,Blister Molding,Thermoforming 
    for Straws, Blister Trays, Food Containers, Cards, Fiber,Film Etc.
  • OrinBio HT200 Series
    Modifiable,Injection Molding 
    for Disposable Tableware, Food Containers, Toys, other Injection Products, Etc.
  • OrinBio HT300 Series
    FDM 3D print 
    for 3D printing filament.
  • OrinBio HT400 Series
    Melt Spinning 
    for Long Fiber, Short Fiber, Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Etc.
  • OrinBio HT500 Series
    Biaxial Stretching,Tape Casting, Bottle Blowing 
    for Biaxially Oriented Film, Casting Film and Other Rigid Packaging Film Etc.
OrinBio Biodegradable Materials Including 4 Series to Meet Application Needs Under Multiple scenes.​​​​​​​
OrinBio H8000-2.3.4 Series​​​​​​​
for Disposable cutlery containers, lunch
boxes, plates, dishes, bowls
OrinBio H8000-1 Series​​​​​​​
for disposable heigh heat resistant straws.
OrinBio M2000 Series
For Handbag, Shopping Bag, Food
Packaging, Plastic Film​​​​​​​
OrinBio M1000 Series
For Garbage bag, food packaging.
OrinBio M5000 Series​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
for Shopping Bag, Film, Food packaging
OrinBio H8000-5 Series​​​​​​​
3D Printing For 3D printing filament
  • 1.What is Orinko products?
    Traditional plastic manufacturer in PP,PE, PS, PC, PA, ABS, ASA, PC, TPV, TPE and biodegradable PLA pellets raw materials.
  • 2.What is your MOQ?
    Any quantity is welcomed. Free within 1 kg.
  • 3.What is the lead time for bulk production?
    General between 15~20 days after receiving the order.
  • 4.What certification can you provide ?
    DIN CERTCO/OK COMPOST HOME/BPI certification. Speciall certificater by your requests.
Address: No. 2,Luhua Road, Boyan Science Park ,Hefei, China​​​​​​​
+86 13013179882
Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,ltd. is an innovator and is dedicated to developing high performance Polymer Materials.Including Biodegradable material, Polylactic Acid etc.

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